The day you got married was important, not only for you, but for people who are close to you. It is one of the highlights of your life and something that they want to witness and be a part of. If it’s been long since you got married—say a year, a decade or in between that, make a plan to celebrate your anniversary and make it special.

Here are some wedding anniversary ideas.

Cook a nice dinner.

If you are a good cook, then a good treat for your spouse would be a special dinner—complete with a bottle of wine, an appetizer, an entrée, and a decadent dessert. Romantic accents such as candles, flowers, and good music will set the mood right.

Have a romantic walk along the park at night.

Long lazy strolls will give you both some quiet time away from stress and the kids for a while. Take some time to reminisce and remember your wedding day and how you’ve come a long way after that.

Trigger nostalgia.

They say that memories can easily be triggered with scents. Wear the same fragrance that you were wearing the day you got married or during the time you were dating. Sometimes, a trip down memory lane can do wonders for lovers.

Give each other a nice massage.

Alternately give backrubs to each other. Light the candles, dim the lights, and play soft soothing music. Massages are forms of touch therapy and make bonding stronger and sweeter.

Watch a movie together.

Not at home—but at the cinema, just the two of you. The last time you did this was probably during the time you were not even an item. Get some popcorn, some gigantic drinks, and candy bars, and go on a movie marathon.

Visit the venue of your wedding.

Whether you got married at your friend’s farm or in another country, your wedding anniversary is the best excuse to revisit the place where you tied the knot.

Give each other some sweets.

Anything sweet like a box of designer chocolates, a small cake, or a bag of candies can make you feel fresh and young again. It can also take you back to your early days as a couple.

Have a picnic.

A nice meal outdoors where there are plenty of sunshine and picturesque views is conducive to romance. Don’t think that picnics are only for youngsters. Prepare sandwiches, hotdogs, fruits, and garden salad, and spend a few hours alone. Lie on the grass and just enjoy the beauty of nature together.

Renew your vows.

If you want to feel like it is your wedding day all over again, why not renew your wedding vows on your wedding anniversary? It can be at a totally different venue from before and it is a chance to recreate your wedding. Wear a nice gown and have the whole family and friends with you.

Enjoy your wedding anniversary.