The minute the bride walks down the aisle, aside from her natural glow, it is the wedding dress that will catch your attention. The wedding dress is a very important detail for a bride as nothing compares to the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that you are wearing the DREAM dress. Here are some helpful tips in choosing your wedding gown.

Decide on the color.

While white is still the most popular color of wedding dress, the modern bride can choose to wear any color that she fancies. Some go for ecru. Some wear gray. Others wear a full blown color such as red if the wedding theme calls for it. Tradition dictates that you should pick white. However, if you think that you will be happy wearing a bright color, then do so.

Don’t follow trends.

A lace wedding gown with long fitted sleeves may be all the rage this season. This does not mean though that you should have the same style, unless you want to. It can be tricky to follow trends because not all women have the same body type. Instead of going with the currents, find a style that flatters you the most.

Dress for your body type.

Before you buy your wedding gown, it is recommended that you understand your body type. If you are heavy on the waist down, a detailed bodice can help balance that out. For the plus-size bride, an empire cut dress is very flattering.

Follow the fit, not the size.

There are cases when you have to choose a dress that is several sizes bigger than your actual size. Don’t worry so much. In choosing a wedding dress, it’s the fit that matters.

You can shop alone.

It is customary to bring your female friends and relatives when shopping for a wedding dress. However, you can’t focus too much when there are too many people with you. If you can, opt to shop alone. By doing so, you can spend more time perusing the racks and more time fitting several dresses.

Visit several shops.

Finding the perfect wedding dress takes some time and a whole lot of patience. Be ready to visit several stores and do endless fittings. Have fun with the process and don’t feel frustrated if you don’t find the DRESS after several tries. Just keep looking.

Consider the weather and the location.

The weather conditions will dictate just which styles and fabrics will be more comfortable. If it is to be a beach wedding, a long train is not advisable.

Know your fabric.

To keep your wedding dress looking white and spotless, have an idea how to remove stains. On your wedding day, you will be moving a lot and just so many things can ruin the dress—lipsticks, perfume, wine, juice, and hair sprays—all these can possibly stain. Make sure that you ask the dress maker some advice on how to remove stains from your wedding dress.