All Eyes on You: Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

The minute the bride walks down the aisle, aside from her natural glow, it is the wedding dress that will catch your attention. The wedding dress is a very important detail for a bride as nothing compares to the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that you are wearing the DREAM dress. Here are some helpful tips in choosing your wedding gown.

Decide on the color.

While white is still the most popular color of wedding dress, the modern bride can choose to wear any color that she fancies. Some go for ecru. Some wear gray. Others wear a full blown color such as red if the wedding theme calls for it. Tradition dictates that you should pick white. However, if you think that you will be happy wearing a bright color, then do so.

Don’t follow trends.

A lace wedding gown with long fitted sleeves may be all the rage this season. This does not mean though that you should have the same style, unless you want to. It can be tricky to follow trends because not all women have the same body type. Instead of going with the currents, find a style that flatters you the most.

Dress for your body type.

Before you buy your wedding gown, it is recommended that you understand your body type. If you are heavy on the waist down, a detailed bodice can help balance that out. For the plus-size bride, an empire cut dress is very flattering.

Follow the fit, not the size.

There are cases when you have to choose a dress that is several sizes bigger than your actual size. Don’t worry so much. In choosing a wedding dress, it’s the fit that matters.

You can shop alone.

It is customary to bring your female friends and relatives when shopping for a wedding dress. However, you can’t focus too much when there are too many people with you. If you can, opt to shop alone. By doing so, you can spend more time perusing the racks and more time fitting several dresses.

Visit several shops.

Finding the perfect wedding dress takes some time and a whole lot of patience. Be ready to visit several stores and do endless fittings. Have fun with the process and don’t feel frustrated if you don’t find the DRESS after several tries. Just keep looking.

Consider the weather and the location.

The weather conditions will dictate just which styles and fabrics will be more comfortable. If it is to be a beach wedding, a long train is not advisable.

Know your fabric.

To keep your wedding dress looking white and spotless, have an idea how to remove stains. On your wedding day, you will be moving a lot and just so many things can ruin the dress—lipsticks, perfume, wine, juice, and hair sprays—all these can possibly stain. Make sure that you ask the dress maker some advice on how to remove stains from your wedding dress.


Destination Wedding Activities for You and Your Guests

The beauty of getting married outside of home is that you and your guests have greater chances of being able to do something that you all haven’t tried before. Aside from the change of ambience destination weddings provide endless possibilities when it comes to recreational activities. If you are planning to have your wedding in another country or in your country but someplace far, check the activities offered by your destination of choice.

Here are some ideas:

Light some paper sky lanterns.

Lighting sky lanterns has been very popular over the last few years. This is because the lanterns produce a beautiful fiery glow at night, making them look like little jewels in the sky. If you wish to light sky lanterns on your wedding, make sure you get a clearance first as not all places are safe for sky lanterns.

Schedule a spa day with the girls.

If you’re the bride, you can take some time to relax at the spa with your MOH and your bridesmaids. This is the perfect time to catch up with each other and savor your last few days of being single. Spa treatments are also a good way to relieve the wedding planning related stress.

The men can spend time at the golf course.

The golf course can be a great bonding area for the guys. The groom can play golf with his parents and in laws, as well as his groomsmen.

Have a luau reception.

People love the laidback kind of partying. Luau is a good party model because it is outdoors, there’s lots of food, and there’s plenty of merrymaking. You can rent fire dancers, hula dancers, and your guests can all dress light and tropical. They will love it!

Go on a cruise—all of you.

If your guest number is just small, take all of them to a sunset cruise if your destination is a waterfront location. It will be something that you can all enjoy together and something that will prep the appetite in time for the reception.

Have a candy bar.

If you and your fiancé have a sweet tooth and you love candies, make sure that you have a candy bar on your wedding. Ring pops, jelly beans, M&M’s, Skittles, and jawbreakers will definitely bring out the kid in everyone. It would also be nice if you have a popcorn and cotton candy station.

Arrange a wine tasting tour.

If your chosen destination is known for world class wines, then take your guests to an educational wine tasting tour. Walking along the vineyards is very relaxing and being able to taste high quality wines is even more satisfying.

Learn how to cook the local cuisine.

It is always fun to get cozy with a cuisine. A cooking demo with an expert will help you get a grip of the dishes that represent your chosen wedding destination.

Planning a destination wedding could be fun if you have plenty of inspiration. Remember these ideas when you plan for your wedding.

Wedding Anniversary: Celebrate Your Wedding Day and Feel the Romance All Over Again

The day you got married was important, not only for you, but for people who are close to you. It is one of the highlights of your life and something that they want to witness and be a part of. If it’s been long since you got married—say a year, a decade or in between that, make a plan to celebrate your anniversary and make it special.

Here are some wedding anniversary ideas.

Cook a nice dinner.

If you are a good cook, then a good treat for your spouse would be a special dinner—complete with a bottle of wine, an appetizer, an entrée, and a decadent dessert. Romantic accents such as candles, flowers, and good music will set the mood right.

Have a romantic walk along the park at night.

Long lazy strolls will give you both some quiet time away from stress and the kids for a while. Take some time to reminisce and remember your wedding day and how you’ve come a long way after that.

Trigger nostalgia.

They say that memories can easily be triggered with scents. Wear the same fragrance that you were wearing the day you got married or during the time you were dating. Sometimes, a trip down memory lane can do wonders for lovers.

Give each other a nice massage.

Alternately give backrubs to each other. Light the candles, dim the lights, and play soft soothing music. Massages are forms of touch therapy and make bonding stronger and sweeter.

Watch a movie together.

Not at home—but at the cinema, just the two of you. The last time you did this was probably during the time you were not even an item. Get some popcorn, some gigantic drinks, and candy bars, and go on a movie marathon.

Visit the venue of your wedding.

Whether you got married at your friend’s farm or in another country, your wedding anniversary is the best excuse to revisit the place where you tied the knot.

Give each other some sweets.

Anything sweet like a box of designer chocolates, a small cake, or a bag of candies can make you feel fresh and young again. It can also take you back to your early days as a couple.

Have a picnic.

A nice meal outdoors where there are plenty of sunshine and picturesque views is conducive to romance. Don’t think that picnics are only for youngsters. Prepare sandwiches, hotdogs, fruits, and garden salad, and spend a few hours alone. Lie on the grass and just enjoy the beauty of nature together.

Renew your vows.

If you want to feel like it is your wedding day all over again, why not renew your wedding vows on your wedding anniversary? It can be at a totally different venue from before and it is a chance to recreate your wedding. Wear a nice gown and have the whole family and friends with you.

Enjoy your wedding anniversary.

Survival Guide to the Wedding Toast

Wedding receptions will never be complete without the wedding toast. While these speeches seem to occur naturally, most people actually dread the thought of having to make them. If you are close to the couple—say you are the best man or the maid of honor, or a brother or a sister, you will be expected to say something about the happy couple. Delivering a wedding toast should not be difficult. It’s just like any other speech, except it’s more casual. If you’d rather faint than say a wedding speech, here are some tips for you.

It’s not a big deal.

Of course for the newlyweds, it is. However, a moment that won’t last for five minutes won’t matter too much after that. Besides, all the guests will be busy with greeting the couple, as well as drinking and dancing to focus on your speech.

Stick to the basics.

The purpose of the wedding toast is to say something nice about the couple—as individuals and why you think they make a great match. It is also a chance for you to wish them a long and blissful married life. No need to dig the couple’s childhood memories that make them feel awkward or past relationships that are not any of the guests’ business.

Leave sex out of it.

So you’re the bride’s BFF or the groom’s high school buddy but you don’t have any excuse to mention sex or hint at it before, during, or after your speech—not with words and definitely NOT with gestures. There will be kids and grandmas and grandpas there. Are you sure they’d like to hear about it?

You’re allowed one glass of alcohol for confidence boost.

Some people feel bolder when given a shot of champagne or spirits. However, make sure that you don’t drink too much that it impairs your thinking, judgment, or your memory.


Giving a wedding toast takes confidence and being comfortable with the whole public speaking thing. Practice in front of the mirror several times until it becomes very natural to you. Record your speech and listen to it and see if you can improve on your diction or your pace.

Keep it natural.

Choose a language that you are comfortable with or a style of speech that reflects your personality. Don’t add a British accent or an Aussie accent if you’re not a native. Remember that most of these people know you. There’s no need to put on a show.

Follow your natural speaking pace.

Don’t rush the speech. Take your time, look at everyone with ease, and establish rapport with your audience. Breathe. Then deliver your speech. Also remember to smile. Know that these people would want you to deliver your wedding toast successfully. They did not come to the wedding looking for someone to mock.

Thank the bride and the groom for the opportunity and wish them well.

The newlyweds are hoping you’d wish them a happy married life. Say something nice and mean it. They will appreciate it.

Congratulations! Now you can easily deliver your wedding toast. Enjoy the moment.

Help on Wedding Vows

The wedding day is probably the most significant event in a person’s adult life. A marriage is a life changing event and the wedding ceremony marks this new chapter. One of the details that need to be considered is the wedding vow. This is the heart of the wedding ceremony. It is the verbal testament of a lifelong promise and is something that is expected to be honorably fulfilled.

There are conventional wedding vows and while there are couples who like to use them and stick to the traditional wedding ceremony, there are couples who want a more heartfelt solemn promise. Therefore, they make their own wedding vows. The thing is that, not everyone finds it easy to make one. In fact, it can be pretty challenging as not only you and your beloved will get to hear it. Every living soul in your wedding day will be able to hear it.

Writing a wedding vow is far from writing an essay to impress. This will not be graded. The most important thing is that it is sincere, genuine, and something you feel from your heart up to your toes. It is the chance to tell your love and devotion for someone.

A phenomenal e-book that has received a tremendous amount of positive reviews is 101 Wedding Vows. This is a book that was written by Les White. If words are not your friends and you struggle to write the perfect, most romantic wedding vow, this book might be of a big help. Whether you like it light, quirky, or a bit teasing, this book can definitely allow you to create a wedding vow most suitable for your personality and something that will increase the romance factor on your very special day.

In creating the perfect wedding vow, it need not be poetic. In fact, if you’re not the poetic literary type, just go with your instincts. Also, it need not be long. Some people pressure themselves to come up with a two-page speech. That’s totally insane. Unless you want everyone to be asleep by the time you finish, keep it simple, long enough to say what you want, and make sure that it is from the heart.